Your logo tells a story and every time we see it we learn about you and your business. Design is important and you know this, but while you are hard at work it can be challenging to figure out what comes next.

This is where I come in—to learn from, listen to, and work alongside you translating your vision into imagery that best communicates who you are, what you are, and what you have to offer. 

Be consistent with your logo and imagery and people will notice you. You’re the expert of your business and I mine. Projects of any size, let’s make something great, let’s work together.

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Clients I've Worked With

PricewaterhouseCoopers - London

Papyrus - Fairfield

The Bindery - NYC

Neon Gold Records - NYC

All Things Go Music - Washington DC

Marina and the Diamonds - London

Matt Nathanson - San Francisco    

Able Brewing - San Francisco

Tailors' Keep - San Francisco

Sprig Inc. - San Francisco

AKIN Barbers - Dubai, UAE

Commonplace Shop - Milwaukee

Homage Brewing - Los Angeles

Rhubarb & Beans - London

Rodriguez Print Shop - Toronto

Salts Cure - Los Angeles

Soundfreaq - Los Angeles

Veer NYC - NYC

Weather & Wool - Australia

Blue 7 - Oklahoma City