Your Voice

Your voice is your own. Others can quote it, mock it, and imitate it, but they can't take it away from you. 

It's what makes you unique, it's what makes you human.

Each time you speak you have the opportunity to draw people in or turn them away.

Your voice is your own.

Less Precision, More Personality

If all you are is a competent designer with an eye for style and a knack for fonts, I'm sorry—we don't need you, there are enough of you available for hire.

What we need is your crazy ideas, your big dreams, your 'this will never work, but I'm going to do it anyway' attitude. We need you to ask yourself, "what do I want to see in the world," and then we need you to make it.

The design world needs less precision and more personality.

Not Gods

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that your work is not good enough simply because it lacks a grandiose back-story.  

Not everything has to be inspired.

It doesn't matter if it comes from a lightning bolt idea or from the bottom of the trash can, if it's good it will work. 

We're designers, not gods.