Verbal & Visual

"Two kinds of words. Verbal words and visual words. The more abstract the idea, the more likely it is expressed with verbal words. The more specific the idea, the more likely it is expressed with visual words."

Al Ries, Ries & Ries

Save the Stories for Bedtime

Your logo needs to be simple, scalable, and usable. It does not need to tell a story. 

To expect that your entire business plan should be revealed within the constraints of a single image, word mark, or icon—that's just not how logos work. The Nike swoosh and Apple logo have nothing to do with shoes or computers, but they stand out because in a line of shoe and computer stores the swoosh and the apple don't belong, we don't expect to see them there, they are unique. 

Focus on making sure your logo is legible, works in multiple sizes and formats, and make it easy to use (so your clients don't have to fuss with it).