Be a Detective, Not a Designer


If you make things for other people, bosses, clients, organizations, etc. I don’t care how many years of experience you have, your job is NOT to fall in love with the work you hand off. Your job is to uncover the real need behind what “more bold” means.

There is absolutely NO room for your creative ego in this industry—I get it though, the people you work with are tough. The fact is, people do not know how to express what they really feel. 

"I love him because he’s funny, kind, handsome, and he understands me", have you ever heard a someone say that about their significant other? Truth is there are hundreds of other people that fit that exact specification: handsome, funny, kind, understanding—those are not the things they are in love with, those are just words that best express a feeling they have about someone or something.

It’s the same with creative work. 

There is a popular website circling around telling stories about hellish clients and the things they say. It’s humorous, I get it. In my work I’ve been given plenty of puzzling feedback and yes it is frustrating. What I’ve learned is that ninety percent of the time what they say and what they feel are two different things. 

Listen to puzzling feedback. Accept it willingly, probe to find out more, uncover the real need and forget about how beautiful the color palette you just arranged is and how much it reminds you of pumpkin spice lattes and falling leaves. 

You are a detective, do great work!