My Rules


I have a set of rules, currently printed on a poster and taped up above my workspace. There not so much rules as they are more so reminders of what to focus on each day. I try my best to weigh all decisions, projects, and daily goals against these rules and so far they’ve been a great measure of success.

I’d like to share them with you, not as a recommendation to follow, but as encouragement to make your own rules, to find out what your interests are, and to help you get to your bottom line. When you can clearly articulate your story to the world, it becomes a lot easier for the world to listen!

1. Be available 
2. Engage
 3. Respond
. Follow-up
5. Share knowledge freely

I review these often and I attribute a lot of my recent successes to following these rules.

A friend of mine recently said “if you wait for the project to hit your desk before getting to work, you’re already too late”—I love that.

Find out who you are, what you want, and how to clearly articulate that story to the world and start making great art. Put in the work now and the rest will follow!