Tell Me a Different Story

If there’s anything I’ve learned as I have become more involved in the creative industry and involved on social media it is this: there are A LOT of amazingly talented people creating great things.

Don’t let that discourage you from being one of them—there is still plenty of room at the top! 

BUT keep this in mind, if you are no more than just another talented person making great art, we are not interested. We’ve seen it before and we will continue to see it. 

Now tell us a story with your art that is different from “I am talented and I made this” and you have our attention! 

The most important thing is to see work that is honest and interesting and complicated, nobody’s gonna care about how big the distributor or what you shot it on, if it doesn’t have an idea beyond just “I’m a modern person using modern technology” -Lena Dunham

Right now you’re just another modern person using modern technology. Tell us a story and you’ll captivate an audience.