There is No Shortcut for Hard Work

You KNOW what it takes to do something great, but you don’t and won’t do something great because you don’t know one aspect of what it takes—hard work.

Now please don’t take this the wrong way. In no way am I saying I have achieved the level of success to which work is not hard anymore as I have been graced with a divine gift of superiority—no. I am like you and I still struggle with making ideas a reality. 

The biggest obstacle, work—hard work.

You’ve heard it said before “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”, well I think that is one of the biggest fallacies around. When you do what you love as a hobby it is fun, on your terms, and whimsical. There’s a magic about it. Now take that magical experience and add deadlines, a budget, and merciless feedback review to it. 

This is often the first wall creatives hit when transitioning from hobby to profession. What was once fun and enjoyable has now become…work. It’s not easy and if you don’t prepare yourself it will be like running full force into a brick wall.

When you hit that wall your going to start to look for ways around it or over it, searching for inspiration in others, in art, in self-improvement books, but do not be fooled often times those items can be just as much of a road block as the wall itself.

Chuck Close, a modern American painter says “inspiration is for amateurs the rest of us [professionals] show up and get to work”. Now I added the word professionals because that is what I really take him to mean. There is only so much progress you will make by way of inspiration.

Do you play video games? I don’t anymore, but I remember as a child playing racing games there was always a power boost you wanted to run into as it would propel you forward at an ungodly rate of speed. Inspiration is that power boost. Sure it will help propel you head for a little while, but when it runs out, when you find yourself in an emotional and cultural desert what will you do? Power boosts in racing games are no substitute for good driving skill just as inspiration is no substitute for hard work. 

Do what you love and WORK HARD at it every single day because in repetition, practice, and hard work your skill level will raise and results will follow.

Work hard, have fun.