What Inspires You (from Instagram)

A while back I shared a photo on Instagram of a cell phone number with the caption “tell me, what inspires you”. It’s not my personal number, but goes to a phone I have access to seeing the results. I received a lot of responses and wanted to share them with you here.

- People who are in terrible circumstances and don’t let it define them.

- Little victories…and marijuana.

- Spontaneity is inspiring. Some of the most memorable moments in both my life and art came from time when I did something on a whim. No guidelines. No limitations.

- Sometimes it’s a movie, other times it’s something as simple as a quote or piece of lyrics…my inspiration is the individuals and things I continually strive to surround myself with.

- The world inspires me, when I travel I absorb the world, but ultimately the BIG man upstairs himself, God.

- I find inspiration in how our bodies can move the same way that good conversations can slow down time. It’s just that sometimes the beauty [is] hidden in the ordinary.

- When I see people do what they are most passionate about.

- Finding beauty in unusual places.

So tell me, what inspires you?