Looking Back: Things I've Learned

The past year has brought me a lot of great experiences, these are just a few things I've learned over the last twelve months. I hope they are helpful and would be more than happy to speak more in depth with you about any of the items below—Happy New Year!

- You can never measure sales lost.

- You know exactly what to expect if you do not pick up the phone.

- In regards to user interface design, if you have the room to write it out—do it. Abbreviations and acronyms will just add to the already difficult learning curve.

- Technology should not replace doing your job, it should enhance your job. 

- Features should never be added to account for laziness.

- I am a detective, not a designer—my job is to uncover the need behind the request.

- Success is not an a result, it is a daily measure of whether or not you've met your goals.

- Perfection is boring.

- Failure is not something to strive for, but it is something to be accepted and worked through. I will not welcome failure, but I will deal with it when it comes.

- There is no shortcut for hard work—PERIOD.

- Work is work, when you do the same thing over and over it quickly becomes just another task. Learn to love your job.

- No one is going to pick you, so stop waiting around for someone to notice you. Take initiative and put yourself out there. 

- Clarity is the greatest way to separate yourself from the masses.

- Do what you love—work hard at it every day.