A Brief Note

I am lucky. Not because of my socio-economic status, not because I live in California, not because I was raised in a healthy family with parents that have been together for more years than I can count, those are all things that I am grateful for, but today I realize I am lucky because of the people I get to work with.

As a freelance designer, I work in and around an industry of people that are dreaming of what's next. I get to sit through product pitches, branding meetings, and have calls with people around the world about what it is they are passionately working hard to bring to market. It's magical.

Creativity is a powerful force and the opportunity to dream on a daily basis is one I cannot take for granted. To those of you I work with, thank you for your dreams, your ideas, and your passion—it's inspiring to say the least.

May you continue to dream, to live, and to seek out beauty in everything you do.