Right Now: Three Favorite Podcasts

I love Podcasts; the first episode that got me hooked was This American Life's "#1 Party School". I remember listening to radio dramas as a child in the car and even at home; on weekends while my dad worked in the garage, there was always a radio blaring. Radio (and podcasting) intrigues me, it's a one way channel in which large amounts of content has been created and broadcast for years, mostly unchanged from its original form. There's something special about it.

Below are three podcasts I am thoroughly enjoying right now and think you might too:


StartUp Podcast Alex Blumberg & Matt Lieber 

If you know podcasts, you know Alex Blumberg from Planet Money and This American Life, he's produced great content there and after years reporting on other businesses, he's starting his own...and documenting the process all the way. Whether you're a fan of his previous shows or interested in business, there are valuable insights worth listening to. One of my favorite episodes so far documents his pitching process to a venture capitalist—it's painful.

99% Invisible Roman Mars

Short and sweet, Roman Mars brings interesting stories to life with what I would call a designer's perspective. Earlier in September they produced an episode entitled "Holdout", about a woman in Seattle who wouldn't sell her home when new development was being built, literally all around her. 

WTF Marc Maron

As a designer, creative, or artist I think there's a lot that can be learned from stand up comedy. Overcome by his drug abuse, comedian Marc Maron failed at his gig once, cleaned up, and gave it another go, this time with a different angle. He's built a comedy institution and I appreciate his raw, honest, cards-on-the-table approach to interviewing. What's most impressive to me about his show, he produces a lot of content—quality content.  


If you have a comment, question, or want to share your favorite three podcasts, email me danielpatricksimmons@gmail.com—I'd love to hear from you!