For me there was a very distinct moment in my life when I decided to be a contributor rather than just a consumer. The more people I met and worked with I slowly realized that it is possible to positively influence the world and I don't have to be a millionaire to do it. There was a point when I would spend countless hours online browsing design blogs, music blogs, and blog blogs just to make sure I was connected to all the latest and greatest content and material circling around the globe. It gave me a sense of importance. I knew what was going on, I was in the loop, I was cool.

Now inherently there is nothing wrong with those things. I still love to flip through Tumblr every once in a while, browse Pinterest for some apartment ideas, but I've realized that I can't stop there and I definitely can't depend on that to my only source of inspiration. 

I've come to believe that surrounding myself with all this content often leads me to a creative freeze of sorts, to the point I think I could never do what others are doing, but I think that's the misunderstanding. 

don't have to do what others are doing. No one is forcing me or you into a life path in which you must follow. Sure there are plenty of people that will encourage you to follow the formula of school, degree, job, marriage, retirement, but let's get real. That formula is broken and has been for sometime. 

Here in the United States we've definitely seen the results of this broken formula as many undergrads are struggling to find any relatable work to their field.

I think what it simply comes down to is this: you can either wait for opportunity and content to come to you, absorbing it and let it shape who you are OR you can take advantage of opportunity, creating along the way in hopes to help shape others and better the world around you. 

It doesn't take a million dollar ad-campaign to change the world. We all know this, but what it does take it passion, dedication, and hard work to push forward and contribute something you believe is truly something the world needs.

We don't need more product that mimics existing items in the marketplace, we need innovative ideas and passionate people to think creatively and openly towards what can be better. 

You can either be a consumer or a contribute—which will you be?