I set a goal some time ago to write something each week, whether it be big or small, and publish it here on my website. 

For me it's become a way to exercise my thoughts, getting them out of my head and onto the screen. It's about the process of writing each week no matter what. I try not to worry about what I write, who will read it, or where it will go, because for me the goal is just to simply write.

When it comes to creative work, I think similar goals are necessary. If you dream of becoming a painter, you must start somewhere—typically by painting. However before you can start painting, you must purchase supplies. Before you can purchase supplies, you have to know where to buy the supplies and what types of paint to buy and whether you want to paint on canvas or paper or brick walls.

All of these steps are achievable goals you can work towards that will eventually lead you towards your dream of becoming a painter. The more you paint, the more skilled you become. The more skilled you become, the more aware of what supplies to purchase. The different types of supplies you purchase, the more techniques and applications you learn...the more you create, the more you grow, and the more you grow, the closer you become to the painter you dreamed of being.

Goals are important. 

Setting attainable goals is most important! You may dream of being a painter, but setting out to paint the Sistine Chapel your first day on the job is the artistic equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest—it's just not going to happen. Dream big, start small, and stay dedicated.

Goals are the steps you take in following your vision.

It's hard to set attainable goals if you don't have a clear vision for your future. This in itself can be difficult because who knows what your future looks like, let alone what lunch tomorrow is going to be! The most important thing to know about having a clear vision is to understand that it can and will change as you go along, that's okay! 

Without vision, setting attainable goals will become similar to shooting darts at a bullseye with your eyes closed. Sure you might hit the board, but you got lucky. 

First decide upon your clear vision for the future (remember, you're not sealing your fate, it will change). Second, build a set of attainable goals that will lead you toward that vision, When your vision changes, change your goals. 

I set a goal some time ago to write something each week, whether it be big or small, and publish it here on my website. 


If you have any questions about developing your vision for the future and setting attainable goals—email me danielpatricksimmons@gmail.com, I'd love to hear from you!