20 Things I Learned from the Internet

20 Things I Learned front the Internet by Daniel Patrick Simmons

I've been using the internet pretty intensely for the past fifteen years. I launched my first website in high school, made my first artwork using Microsoft Paint, and made my first hundred dollars making graphics for a local singer/songwriter. 

Years ago my dad earned money delivering newspapers. Before him, my grandfather made a living selling advertising—now I make a living helping others make things they're passionate about and I attribute most of it to the connections I've made with people all over the world via the internet.

Here is a list of twenty things I've learned on the internet over the past fifteen years:

- Just because you're talking doesn't mean anyone else is listening.

- The internet is a BIG place.

- The internet is a SMALL place.

- The internet is not written in pencil, pen, or ink.

- The more transparent you are the better your experience will be.

20 Things I Learned front the Internet by Daniel Patrick Simmons

- Quality, honesty, and goodness will rise to the top.

- Don't believe everything you read/see/watch.

- Likes, page views, and viral content do not equal success.

- Connecting with people online is very similar to connecting with people IRL (in real life).

- As unique as you think you are, there are people just like you and me.

- You're not alone, whatever you're going through, someone else is too.

20 Things I Learned front the Internet by Daniel Patrick Simmons

- Inspiration is cheap.

- Scrolling is not the same as productivity.

- Pinterest is not your friend.

- Just like Andy Warhol said, everyone will have their fifteen minutes of fame.

- Everything is forgotten after fifteen minutes.

- Opportunity is available and ready for you to take (online and in real life).

- Domains are cheap, but determination is expensive.

- If you can think it, you can make it.

- No matter what they say, people are more interesting in real life than online.

f you have any questions or comments about the internet, about my first website, or the time I got in trouble by my parents for chatting online with a guy from Germany—email me danielpatricksimmons@gmail.com, I'd love to hear from you!