Right Now: Three Favorite Instagram Accounts

I love Instagram—I started using it for fun, then to share "artsy", black and white photos, and most recently I use it as a way to share what I'm working on. If you look over my account (instagram.com/danielpatrick) you'll see work-in-progress photos of my design and illustration sprinkled with miscellaneous scenes and people I care about or find interesting. If you're not a part of the Instagram community I encourage you to join, it's a great way to get a glimpse into the lives of interesting, passionate, creative people like never before.


Here are three Instagram accounts I'm loving right now:

@AllanPeters Associate Creative Director, Target

Being the designer that he is, Allan shares typographical photos in a hashtag series he calls #BadgeHunting. From his online portfolio I can tell he's a hard working designer, but from his Instagram it appears he spends his time browsing farmer's markets and vintage stores—I'm jealous! 

@ns0n Friend & former co-worker, Apple Inc. 

Anson also known as "ns0n" on the internet, takes beautiful photos, the kind that make you want to step inside the small, square photo on your mobile device. He has a great eye and hangs out at some cool places around the Bay Area. 

@f***jerry Vulgar, irreverent, extremely addictive. 

I'm embarrassed to share this one, but to tell you the truth it is one of my favorites and always has me laughing—belly laughing. Irreverently named after Jerry Seinfeld (preceded by a four letter expletive), Elliot Tebele's account shares the side of the internet that, love it or hate it, cannot be ignored. It's the stuff that forwarded emails and Reddit pages are made up of and obviously not safe for work. Browse at your own discretion. 


If you have questions, comments, or want to share your favorite Instagram accounts with me, email me at danielpatricksimmons@gmail.com—I'd love to hear from you!