Things I Think About

I have a lot of marketing ideas I'd like to put to action, but they require working with the right people, because a good idea with the wrong person is a bad idea. Here are just a few, feel free to use any you think will work for you and let me know how it goes!

A picture tells a thousand words, but a video/slideshow tells a million. Rather than posting six photos in succession of the same model, product, or event in your social media timeline utilize slideshows and videos to display little events of life in your portfolio. Instagram is piloting a slideshow feature for their advertisers and may open it to the public. If and when it goes public, start thinking of creative ways to show & tell more sides of your story. 

Also, we see a lot of photos in a day, a lot of great, beautiful photos and unfortunately we're becoming numb to them. Invite us into see the world through your eyes, tell us what it is about your photography you love.

Luxury/Lifestyle Brands
Set every social media profile to private. Create a large ad campaign inviting users to come see what's inside. Once users are granted permission to "follow", hook them in with further compelling content, things they cannot easily reproduce or share. It could be to tell a story, share a product launch, or creating buzz. People like being on "the inside", hearing things first, and having exclusive connections. I'm not really sure how this would work out, but I'm interested to see. All I know is that every time I come across a profile set to private I can't help but wonder what's behind that wall. 

This will only work if you have a story to tell bigger than, we are a cool brand with cool products.

Most restaurants post photos of menus, food plates, customers, and shop photos, I don't want to see that, your customers will do that for you. Show me the things you're excited about, tell me about the things you tell your friends and family. Do a post a week about a team member and tell me something special about them. I sure as hell won't get to know them when they're serving me on a busy Friday night. Show me a photo of ingredients that you use and tell me the story about where you sourced them from. Find the unsung heroes of your business and sing their praises. Educate me about food, about dining, about things that are bigger than your menu, your storefront, or the owner. Show me you care.

I have more, but I want to keep this short and save more for the future! Bottom line, there are a lot of things I would love to do with the right clientele in the future—I just can't wait until I have the opportunity!


If you have questions or comments, email me—I'd love to chat!