Worker VS Craftsmen

There are workers and there are craftsmen. When it comes to hiring design services, it is important to know which of whom you need and which you are getting. 

Workers get things done, craftsmen get things right. Workers are easy to find, craftsmen are unique to a job. Workers often make many things with different uses, craftsmen often make few things for specific uses.

Workers have economical rates, they work hard to be faster and cheaper than their competitors  in order to win your business. Craftsmen often present budgets based on your needs in order to successfully accomplish your goals.

A worker can build you an airplane, but a craftsmen will get you to your destination.

When it comes to your business, there are times you need a worker and times you need a craftsmen—who are you hiring?


If you have questions or comments regarding workers vs craftsmen, email me—I'd love to chat!