A Few Questions, Answered

I love working—I love to create, I love to dream, I love to find new ways to connect with you and others around the world. Whether it be through my work, my Instagram, or my writing here, my goal is to share with you as clearly as possible what I do, why I do it, and how it can benefit you and your business.

In effort to bring even more clarity, I want to share three questions I often receive from prospective clients and their accompanying answers:

"You have a rather sizable following online, will I be able to afford you?"
If the internet has taught me anything, it's that size doesn't matter. I work with clients around the world on projects large and small; it's important to me to be able to give you the resources you need within your budget. However keep in mind that when appropriate I may give you suggestions or proposals intended to stretch you outside your comfort zone. 

"Your website is almost entirely black and white, do you work with color?"
It's my belief that an effective logo should be the foundation for all of your designed and branded content. In order to do this, I focus on creating artwork that is effective and compelling on it's most basic level—black and white, large and small. Your logo needs to be legible, usable, and scalable. Once this foundation is appropriately created, appropriate colors, textures, and "icing" can added to ensure that the logo works properly in your space.

"You're in California, I am not; do you work remotely or on site?"
Whether across the street or around the globe I want to help your business succeed as best I can. Historically most of my projects are managed remotely, however I am available for travel and am most interested in providing you a comfortable design experience. If you have additional ideas or thoughts on how I can better accommodate your needs, please do not hesitate to share!

Ultimately it is my goal to work alongside you in creating something you are proud to call your own. I work hard to bring creative solutions that are relevant for your business and pride myself on delivering a superior design experience that will not only benefit you today, tomorrow, but well into the future.

I hope this gives you more insight into how I can benefit your business in the future; please let me know if there are any additional questions I can answer for you—I look forward to talking.


If you have questions or comments regarding my work, I'd love to hear from you—email me: danielpatricksimmons@gmail.com.