As a designer, artist, or entrepreneur you are good at staying focused. You know time is of the essence, you cut out the extraneous activities that hinder productivity and focus on the bottom line. Some of you (myself included) take pride in this ability, as you should.

However, on occasion another designer, artist, or entrepreneur crosses your path and you become distracted. Without realizing, you lose sight of the work, goals, and projects that lay in front of you, peering voyeuristically at theirs instead.

This is not only distracting, but harmful, and this distraction stems from fear. Fear that someone else is doing a better job, fear that someone else will take your job, and over time this fear will cloud your judgement.

I don't know about you, but I want to stay focused on my work. I want to be proactive, making decisions based on what I think is best for my business and not reacting out of fear to what others might be doing. 

Stay focused. Keep your head down. Make great art.


If you have questions or comments about staying focused, email me at danielpatricksimmons@gmail.com—I'd love to chat!