Less Concept More Focus

I'm excited for the food and beverage industry right now.

Small to medium size cities across North America have been experiencing a foodie revolution for some time. The result of which has created pristinely packaged, hip restaurants, cafes, and bars in just about every city you visit. In my hometown of Sacramento, the city has declared itself the 'Farm-to-Fork Capital' as it sits among "1.5 million acres of farms and ranches that grow more than 160 crops" (source). 

But here's the thing, when just about every hip food spot, coffee shop, and cocktail bar starts to become overly designed and manufactured it becomes really, beautifully, boring. 

I'm excited for the food and beverage industry right now because in this market it doesn't take much to make a big impact. Working small, with less concept and more focus on the actual deliverable means less overhead, more flexibility, and an opportunity to get even more creative with your offerings.

The future is going to taste great—less concept, more focus.