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Things I've Learned in Ten Years

Write proposals.

Ask for deposits.

Require deposits.

Make project time lines.

REASONABLE time lines.

Don't "under promise and over deliver".

Deliver what you can, when you can.

Keep a record of your invoices.

Keep a record of your ice cream purchases.

Wait, what?

Make people sign contracts.

Set a project fee.

Set an hourly fee.

Explain the benefits of both.

Give three options.

Give three options.

Give three options.

Ask questions up front, a lot of questions.

Pretend you're a detective.

Listen and check for mutual understanding.

Be transparent with process.

Be intentional with delivery.

Be accessible to respond at the appropriate times.

Follow up after every call and every meeting.

Ask for feedback.

Don't take it personally.

Say yes often, but do not fear saying no.

Work with passion.

Work with integrity.

Be honest.

Take responsibility for your successes AND failures.

Don't take credit for other's work.

Respect your clients.

Respect your time.

Don't click these:

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