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Ettore Guatelli Museum

Over 60,000 items fill every single inch of any available surface: ceilings, beams, walls, door recesses, window shutters, stairway steps, and landings. Perfectly aligned on shelves or accurately fixed to walls and ceilings, those objects create arabesques, waves, concentric circles and lines running after one another, following the ideas that guided Ettore Guatelli when building up this stunning narration.

FEDERICA LUSIARDI, inexhibit.com


Museo Ettore Guatelli
Parma, Italy

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Windows on the World

Milton Glaser’s design for ‘Windows on the World’, the restaurant atop the north tower of the World Trade Center.

Windows on the World, one of Joe Baum's extraordinary inventions, literally overlooked the entire New York landscape until September 11, 2001. It was one of the destination objectives of every visitor to New York. After the attack, it became a profound and touching memory. The studio designed everything from dinnerware, rugs, lighting fixtures, menus and all of the communication.

Case Study #12, Miltonglaser.com

summaryDaniel Patrick Simmons
Why the Price of Logo Design Doesn't Matter

A FastCompany article made waves recently by sharing a survey that states a logo in 2019 should cost, on average, $1200. As with everything online people have their opinions: too low, too high, not enough room for negotiation.

Overall these results can be helpful for both consumer and creative as fair value for design services can be hard to quantify. Often times there are no physical goods exchanged and a graphic designer will bill a client based on an hourly rate or a project timeline. This fee structure is typically fair, but comes with its own unique challenges.

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At the end of the day, nobody likes to be taken advantage of and as the survey suggests having a benchmark of $1200 can be a good starting point, but what matters more than the price is that the client-designer relationship is built on trust.

Whether you pay a lot or a little for your logo you want to work with someone that listens and checks for understanding, is efficient with their communication, and aligns themselves with your vision.

Focus on that first and the price will take care of itself.

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If you’re into music, you probably know Rick Rubin and if you don’t know him by name you would at least recognize the albums he produced. His discography spans decades, working with artists across genres—the Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slayer, and Johnny Cash to name a few.

Rubin is eccentric, he wears a long grey beard and floats around his Malibu studio-estate shoeless in a t-shirt and shorts. His recording studio is bare, stripped to the essentials intended to provide artists with a distraction free workspace. His goal, to eliminate all roadblocks from the creative process in effort to cultivate an artists best work.

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