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Links from the Week

A few headlines and pieces that made it onto my reading list this (and last) week, hope you enjoy.

The Iranian Siblings Criticizing Border Control Through Art (iGANT) →

“The Brooklyn-based artists, who sought political asylum in America from their native hometown of Tabriz in 2012, use public street art, sculpture, murals, and installations as a means to envisage a world released from the grips of violence, war, and corruption.”

Wes Anderson, Art Curator (artnet News) →

Wes Anderson has dipped his toes into the world of art curation, providing Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum their largest exhibition ever.

“We thought it was going to be easy,” Anderson admitted, speaking of his foray into curating with his wife, designer and novelist Juman Malouf. “Of course, we were wrong.”

Design by committee for Australia’s Tasmania (Creative Review) →

For the People agency tapped the West Coast Council and Tasmania’s four thousand residents to assist in creating new branding for the region. It sounds like a disaster in the works, but the results are rather splendid. Read the agency’s case study here.

LACMA Exhibit: West of Modernism California Graphic Design, 1975-1995 (Eye on Design) →

“For me, the feeling of working in California was that there were wider possibilities for form, that there wasn’t the allegiance to corporate, International Style Modernism as there was on the East Coast.” -Lorainne Wild

You Are Ascending into Paradise (Dribbble) →

A community of 27,000 has been destroyed by wildfire here in Northern California. Last Thursday, a wildfire burned through the town of Paradise, California in a matter of hours, displacing thousands of residents, leaving hundreds missing, and dozens dead. This is my tribute. For all those affected, I’m sorry for your loss. May there be better days ahead.