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A beautiful evolution, Tiger of Sweden

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Tiger of Sweden is entering a new era in contemporary tailoring with a new logo to usher it in. 

“Our new visual identity has been created in close collaboration between the Antwerp-based design studio A New Archive and our Creative Director Christoffer Lundman. The new logo is based on archive findings. The tiger mark is a revived version of an emblem used on the original range of ‘Tiger’ suits, first produced in 1926. The unique new font is drawn up from a 1960´s marquee, holding that same Roman feature as letters typically used on official Swedish buildings, papers and coins. All this is a way of paving the way for our future whilst also paying an homage to our past; 115 years of tailoring heritage.”

Source: https://www.tigerofsweden.com/se/a-new-era/a-new-era.html

I'm in love with the new mark (top), but I'm most excited to see that they continue to celebrate their past with archive imagery from years before."