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Links from the Week, Sep 24-28

A few headlines and pieces that made it onto my reading list this (and last) week, hope you enjoy.

Aesop store in Rome designed by ‘Call Me by Your Name’ director → (WSJ)
Step into the world of Luca Guadagnino, director ‘Call Me by Your Name’, by visiting the new Aesop San Lorenzo, luxury skin care retail shop.

Depression-era photos from the Archive → (SF Chronicle)
Shasta Dam, a $36 million infrastructure project in Northern California, brought workers and their families to Redding, California in search of work.

Brand Success and The Magic Letter ‘O’ → (Creative Review)
What do Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, and Coca-Cola all have in common? The letter ‘O’ of course.

General Motors Sued for Using Graffiti Artists Work in Campaign → (artnet News)
A lawsuit between GM and Swiss artist Adrian Falkner is underway to determine who owns the rights to graffiti in a public place.

Gallery of First Editions from Well-Known American Newspapers → (Business Insider)
The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Washington Post—pretty rad to take a look back and see what these newspapers looked like when they first begun.

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