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Quality Links from the Week

A few headlines and pieces that made it onto my reading list this week, hope you enjoy.

The Rising Cost of New Starbucks → (CNBC)
While you may have heard Starbucks has opened their first store in Italy, you might have missed this: according to a Harvard study, there may be a link between raising home prices and new Starbucks locations. Let's hope Milan has rent control.

New book release from Taschen, how Disneyland changed the world → (CNN Travel)

"We had this great confluence of people in the aerospace industry that knew how to build things and people in the movie industry that knew how to tell stories. And so I love that that comes together in this three dimensional storytelling at Disneyland."

Chris Nichols, Architectural Historian and Theme Park Enthusiast

Losing Your 'Cool' → (Wall Street Journal)
The Wall Street Journal made a case earlier this week for dropping the word ‘cool’ from our vocabulary. "Dope, fire," and "lit" are among the Journal's suggested replacements. Oh my word.

Say hello to Scumbro → (Mr. Porter)
Speaking of vocabulary, here's a new word for yours: scumbro (as in, "your outfit is so fire, Jonah Hill should name you the king of scumbro").